One Candidate Journey, One Platform, Many Advantages

Konfir’s Multi-Data Source Approach to Employment Verification

In the complex landscape of employment verification, the difference between ‘validation’ and ‘verification’ is monumental. Traditional methods of referencing (the ‘Contact Previous Employer’ model) and pure payroll solutions offer ‘validation’ i.e. confirming only what a candidate has told you. 

In comparison, our multi-data source approach provides a complete employment history ‘verification’ i.e. uncovering the full factual employment history of a candidate and not just what they’ve told you. Moreover, Konfir is purpose-built for the employment verification market, working with industry leaders to offer a white-labelled employment screening-specific workflow, with messaging optimised for conversion, and a team dedicated to helping candidates.

The Shortcomings of Traditional Referencing and Single Data Source Solutions
Traditional Referencing: The “Validation” Approach

The traditional method of referencing involves candidates telling you where they worked, followed by attempting to contact the HR teams of previous employers to validate this declared information. In many screening policies, just trying three times (with three emails) constitutes a tick box in the screening process. The ‘Contact Previous Employer’ method has proven to be unreliable, inaccurate, time-consuming, and costly. Not only that, you miss out on discovering undeclared employments and gaps in employment meaning you won’t get the complete ‘verified’ picture of an individual’s employment history.

Payroll Credential Access: The “Partial Truth”

Payroll solutions can be powerful. They provide access to employment and income data directly from an authoritative source with via a candidates own log in and have recently become fairly commonplace in the US. Unfortunately, technology, laws, and consumer behaviour in the UK have meant that this solution doesn’t work very well across the pond. In our trialling of this approach, we saw a success rate of under 10%, not nearly enough to prove useful in isolation for employment verification.

Open Banking: The “Raw” Data

Open Banking offers valuable insights, but harnessing its potential can be complex. It requires compliance with regulation, building a candidate journey that makes them comfortable to share sensitive information, expertise in interpreting transaction types, making precise decisions on what constitutes employment-related data, and managing large amounts of additional financial information like spending data and transaction amounts. 

The Multi-Data Source Symphony: Konfir’s “Verification” Approach
Payroll APIs: The “What”

Payroll systems offer proof of employment, job titles, and dates of employment. Better yet, Konfir uses the UK’s only direct Payroll APIs that remove friction, comply with GDPR, and don’t require candidates to remember any details or use their own login credentials.

Open Banking: The “What Else”

At Konfir, dealing with the thousands of data points associated with each candidate is made manageable through our robust data engineering capabilities. Available Open Banking data is transformed by our proprietary models – the only ones of their kind in the industry. They meticulously clean, categorise, group, and subsequently match payments to actual employers. This results in a comprehensive and insightful view of an individual’s employment history meaning Konfir can validate provided employments, verify undeclared employments, support gap verification, and identify undeclared gaps within a single employment too.

Tax data: The “When”

Our HMRC-recognised solution provides exact employment dates for all employments for up to a 5 year period, crucial for complete work history verification. Our solution is API-enabled, meaning candidates don’t need to wait for the postman to deliver a HMRC letter or download and email it, avoiding unnecessary delays and insecure data handling. Unlike other HMRC access points which rely on uncompliant screen scraping and mishandling candidate login credentials, our approach provides direct access to authentic tax data without exposing your organisation to risk.

Konfir: The Complete Truth

Konfir then combines these sources, determining the relationships between the data to offer a single complete verification. The only truly 360-degree view of a candidate’s employment history.

Purpose-Built for Employment Verification
Industry-Specific Messaging and UX

Konfir offers messaging and a user experience tailored to your industry, ensuring seamless integration into your existing processes. Our candidate journey is customisable so you can ensure consistent end-to-end branding that fits into your workflows.

Flexible Integration Options

Konfir provides a range of flexible integration options to accommodate your technical and operational preferences and capacity. Whether you prefer a full API solution with both UX and data return integration, an embedded UX for a seamless user experience, or the convenience of bulk csv uploads, we’ve got you covered and have a team ready to help you get up and running.

Perhaps you prefer to start with ad-hoc manual requests via our web-based Konsole. The Konsole is meticulously designed with employment verification in mind, ensuring a user-friendly experience for requesting, reviewing, and managing data.

Data Minimisation

We limit the data returned to only what is needed, ensuring GDPR compliance and reducing the risk of oversharing. This won’t be possible when using point-solutions or single data sources unless your development team builds an application on top to minimise visibility, although you’ll still hold the data.

Why Konfir is the One-Stop Solution
Unify Your Verification Strategy

Don’t waste time and resources attempting multiple validation methodologies. Konfir covers 100% of the UK workforce, eliminating delays, applicant drop-off, and duplicative costs.

Standard Data Output

Reduce time cleaning and normalising data outputs with Konfir’s standard format, regardless of the data source(s) used.

Increased Accuracy and Streamlined Workflows

Konfir’s automated process not only saves time but also reduces human errors and potential fraud, increasing efficiency and decision accuracy.

Increase Revenue

Let us handle the technology, candidate conversion and support, data engineering and verification analysis so you can focus on your value-add to clients. Konfir is uncovering undeclared employment, gaps in employment and soon a raft of other insights that you can use to uncover risks or behaviours about your candidates.

Cost Savings Through Automation

As tasks become automated, there’s greater potential for efficiencies and cost savings. Konfir’s one-stop solution is more cost-effective in both the short and long term.

Delight your customers with faster Turnaround Times

Konfir has proven to slash turnaround times significantly; cutting total time-to-screen by more than half. In October, over 50% of all verification requests were completed in 30 minutes or less.