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Konfir facilitates instant completion of employment history verifications with its automated and straightforward process. With the majority of verifications being completed within 12 hours, Konfir provides a highly efficient and streamlined solution for verifiers. It has become widely appreciated by verifiers for its user-friendly interface and effective verification system.

About John Lewis & Partners

John Lewis & Partners is a British department store chain with 34 stores across the UK, as well as an online store. It is the UK’s largest employee-owned business, with over 70,000 partners (employees) who own 50% of the company.

John Lewis is known for its high-quality products and services, as well as its commitment to customer service. The company sells a wide range of goods, including furniture, homewares, clothing, electronics, and beauty products. John Lewis also offers a variety of services, such as interior design consultations, personal styling, and gift wrapping.

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