Meet Connor Holgate, our new Sales Director

By Chris Milligan

Today we are excited to welcome Connor Holgate to the Konfir team as Sales Director. Connor is one of few people in the UK with expertise in the verifications market, having been the first UK hire, and leading go-to-market, for Equifax’s Workforce Solutions business unit. With the experience of launching Equifax’s UK verifications offering, Connor brings a deep understanding of how the verifications market is evolving and will help Konfir, our customers and our users to continue using employment and income data to support processes in life’s key events. Connor’s knowledge of customer pain points combined with his flexible commercial approach will be a valuable addition to our team.

Tell us a bit about your background

With a diverse background spanning over several years in sales and business development across multiple sectors—including automotive, HR, legal, and most recently, financial services—I have honed my adaptability and mastered a range of sales methodologies, processes, and customer engagement strategies.

In my previous role with Equifax Workforce Solutions, I served as the first Workforce Solutions team member and played a pivotal role in launching their new verification service. I was responsible for developing a strategic sales process tailored to the financial services sector, securing the first wave of customers to establish a strong client base, building and managing strategic alliances with key partners to enhance service offerings and market reach, and cultivating direct relationships with both existing and prospective clients to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction and retention.

I am a highly driven individual committed to achieving success. My primary focus is on delivering exceptional service to clients and fostering new and existing relationships within the industry. My proactive approach, coupled with a deep understanding of sales and business development, enables me to adapt quickly to new challenges and opportunities, driving growth and profitability.

What excites you about Konfir’s mission?

What excites me about Konfir’s mission is its commitment to simplifying and enhancing the verification process, a critical step in many significant life events such as securing employment, renting property, or applying for loans. Throughout my career in sales and business development, I’ve experienced first-hand the challenges individuals and businesses face in this area. The struggle to find payslips, access online banking, or obtain verification from HR departments is a familiar frustration.

Konfir’s innovative approach to removing friction and providing a transparent and connected verification process is both timely and impactful. Konfir is clearly the market leader in this new area and I’m excited to combine my sales and industry expertise with Konfir’s innovative platform to drive growth and deliver exceptional service to clients while building and fostering relationships within the industry.

Where do you see Konfir being most impactful?

I see Konfir continuing to revolutionise the verification market, particularly within the background screening sector, as well as across finance, real estate, and human resources. In today’s digital age, there’s a growing demand for reliable and streamlined verification solutions to enhance trust, security, and efficiency.

In the background screening area, Konfir’s innovative solutions can automate and simplify the verification process, providing faster and more accurate results for employers. This streamlined approach not only improves the hiring process but also reduces the time and resources spent on manual checks.

In the financial sector, Konfir’s solutions can simplify loan approvals, making it faster for individuals to secure mortgages and other financial services. Similarly, in real estate, Konfir can streamline tenant screening, enabling faster rental decisions and improved tenant satisfaction.

With my extensive sales and business development experience across these sectors, I am excited to leverage Konfir’s innovative solutions to drive growth and deliver exceptional value to clients by addressing their specific needs and challenges.

How do you keep busy outside of work?

Outside of the office, my top priority is my family. I have a little boy and girl who bring endless joy and fulfilment to my life, and I love spending quality time with them and my partner, whether we’re exploring new places or enjoying cosy family nights at home.

Sports are another big part of my life. I’m an avid rugby player and enthusiast, enjoying the physical challenges and camaraderie that the sport offers. I’m also a devoted Formula 1 fan, following the races closely, engaging in discussions about the sport, and passionately supporting my favourite drivers.

In addition to my love for sports, I have a strong interest in cars. From engaging in car-related conversations, to working on and maintaining vehicles, I find great enjoyment in the world of automobiles, attending car shows, and staying up-to-date with the latest automotive trends.

These personal interests not only enrich my life outside of work but also contribute to a well-rounded perspective that I bring to my role as Sales Director at Konfir.

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