Supercharge your Tenant Referencing process with Instant Income & Employment data

Instantly verify employment and income for all worker types

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Instant employment and income data to accelerate tenant referencing

Accelerate Referencing Timelines
Reduce time to reference from days and weeks to minutes and hours
Ensure fraud mitigation
Stay compliant with industry regulations and reduce the potential of income fraud
Reduce Operational Costs
Experience cost savings by streamlining your verification processes and reducing manual work
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The power of Instant verification

Konfir's platform provides tenant referencing providers and your clients with the tools and insights you need stay ahead. Here's what you can achieve with Konfir.

Current Employment verification

Instantly confirm employment and income data including dates, employer name, income information, and job titles

Employment Income verification

Instantly access details of previous positions and earnings including dates, employer name, income information, and job titles

Alternative Income verification

60+ Evidences sourced via Open Banking & HMRC, then combined into 12 Insights

Obtain Actionable Insights

Konfir provides additional valuable insights into the applicant's employment patterns to aid in your assessment

Simplify the way you verify income

Securely manage applicant verifications in one place with our web-based Konsole
Request applicants one by one, or all at once with our bulk CSV file upload
Collect applicant data securely & ensure compliance
Instantly receive verified employment and income in a pre-built report
Enhance the applicant experience and optimise for speed by integrating Konfir into your tech stack
Embed Konfir in your own UX
Fully customisable white-labelled journey
Get verified data via web-hooks, PDF, or via Konsole

Transform your Referencing Processes

Manual Reference Check or Document Collection

Incomplete and inaccurate information

Risk of income or document fraud

Manual checks inflate operational costs

Konfir Instant Employment & Income Verification
Time for applicant to
complete Konfir
Conversion Rates
of applicants connect 2+ data sources
Evidence types
mapped to insights