Speed up time to hire with Instant Employment Verification

Instantly verify Current Employment, Historical Employments, and Gaps in Employment for all worker types

Trusted by Industry Leaders including

Transforming Your Screening Processes

Manual or Automated Reference Check

Incomplete and inaccurate information

Risk of undetected employment gaps and
undeclared employments

Slow processes frustrate hires and lead to

Manual checks inflate operational costs

Konfir Instant Employment Verification
Time for candidate to
complete Konfir
Conversion Rates
of candidates connect 2+ data sources
Evidence types
mapped to insights

Instant employment data and insights to accelerate candidate onboarding

Accelerate Hiring Timelines
Reduce time to hire from days and weeks to minutes and hours with instant and automated access to employment and gap data
Protect Against Fraud
Stay compliant with industry regulations and reduce the potential for reputation or HR issues
Reduce HR Admin Tasks
Re-allocate HR time away from manual processes to value-adding tasks
How we can Help

The Power of Instant verification

Konfir's platform provides employers with the tools and insights you need stay ahead. Here's what you can achieve with Konfir.

Current & Historical Employment

Instantly verify details of current and previous employments, as far back as 6 years

Gap in Employment

Leverage our Gap Insights to verify what candidates were doing between employments and avoid privacy-invasive document collection

Fraud checks

Leverage our Employer Database to check if employers have been reported to have been associated with reference fraud or other suspicious activities in the past

Complete Discrepancy Analysis

Get additional valuable insights into the candidate's employment patterns to aid in your assessment of their honesty and integrity

Simplify the way to verify the employment

Securely manage candidate verifications in one place with our web-based Konsole
Request candidates one by one, or all at once with our bulk CSV file upload
Collect candidate data securely & ensure compliance
Instantly receive verified employment history in a pre-built report
Enhance the candidate experience and optimise for speed by integrating Konfir into your tech stack
Embed Konfir in your own UX
Fully customisable white-labelled journey
Get verified data via web-hooks, PDF, or via Konsole
Use pre-built integrations with Konfir via market leading service providers
Partnering with industry leaders
All your checks, including Konfir, in one place
Platform and checks tailored to your needs
To reduce our screening time down to three days is something we have been crying out for years for. Konfir helps to reduce our fall out rate mid process and puts us ahead of our competition

Nigel Coates

Regional Director

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