An introduction to Konfir

Hey, we’re Konfir. We’re enabling instant employment and income checks across Europe by connecting all the disparate data sources while putting individuals in control of their own data. What’s in the name? Well, firstly, we’re in the business of confirmations. Secondly, we bring different parties together with the aim of exchanging information and agreeing (a.k.a conferring).

Launched recently, we’re a team of entrepreneurs, technologists, and industry experts led by our Founder and CEO, Chris Milligan. Having previously founded Adepto, a HRTech company which was acquired by Degreed in 2019, Chris has assembled a world-class team that combines industry knowledge with the ability to scale quickly. Steve O’Neil, our Head of Growth, joins after co-founding Security Watchdog, one of Europe’s leading providers of pre-employment screening. Simran Sarkaria will join and oversee product after making the move from Dojo, a payment provider who now processes £500m each week while maintaining industry leading NPS. As Board Advisors, we have Alison McDowell and Alastair Treharn from Beruku, who are experts in digital identity and security. Our broader team also touts experience at companies including Transferwise, Skyskanner, Bulb, and Nutmeg, to name a few.

This team is out to first improve the employment verification market. As it stands, this process in the UK is broken; employee systems of record aren’t accessible, data isn’t secure, and companies spend countless hours on admin. Proving who you are, what you do, or how much you earn shouldn’t take more than a few clicks. Enter Konfir. By combining Payroll, Banking and other data sets with a seamless user experience, we achieve what used to take days or weeks, in minutes. And the timing couldn’t be better; as the UK Home Office has announced that from April 2022, digital technologies can be used for pre-employment checks. This underlying shift in right-to-work legislation puts Konfir in pole position for the year ahead.

Although we’ve chosen the UK as a starting point, the problem we’re solving is evident across Europe. We’re confident that our experience, agile approach to development, and product-led approach to growth will allow us to scale rapidly across the UK and beyond. We’ve been amazed by the receptiveness of the market to Konfir, and we’re excited for what’s ahead in 2022.