The Time is Now: Why employers should embrace Instant Employment Verification

In today's fast-paced and competitive job market, employers need to adapt to the increasing demands of both candidates and the market. Instant employment verification is no longer a luxury, but rather a necessity to attract and retain top talent while keeping operations running smoothly. Recent surveys reveal that time to screen is vital for candidates, with 84.7% stating it as very important. Moreover, 29.6% of people have faced delays in starting a new job due to lengthy screening processes. The implications are clear: candidates expect a seamless process, and employers must quickly occupy roles to maintain efficiency, ensure ongoing revenue, and ultimately succeed in the talent war against their competitors.

Why Instant Employment Verification matters now more than ever
  1. Candidates are walking away from lengthy recruitment processes.

With the job market moving at lightning speed, jobseekers are no longer willing to tolerate long or complex recruitment processes. According to a study by People Management, a staggering 78% of jobseekers would drop out or consider dropping out of cumbersome processes. The study found that a third of those who dropped out did so because the hiring process was too complicated, with 22% citing issues with the background screening process. Given screening processes are more often than not held up by slow referencing processes, the message is loud and clear: employers must embrace instant employment verification to significantly reduce the time and complexity of the hiring process, making it more appealing and engaging for potential hires.

  1. Don't let administrative delays cost you top talent

The race for top talent is fierce, and employers can no longer afford to lose out due to administrative delays. Research from Access Recruitment highlights that 83% of employers are missing out on top talent because of the time it takes to complete pre-employment screening checks. Instant employment verification can help businesses streamline their screening process, by reducing recruitment costs associated with completing screening multiple times for hires that may drop out of the process. 

  1. Addressing industry-wide staff shortages with efficient hiring processes

Staff shortages across various industries, as reported by The Guardian, are creating a sense of urgency for employers to fill roles quickly and efficiently. With travel and other sectors experiencing a resurge in demand over the last year, businesses need to act fast to onboard talent and meet rising customer expectations. Instant employment verification can play a pivotal role in speeding up hiring processes and onboarding talent more efficiently, ensuring businesses are equipped to tackle these challenges head-on.

What can be done? 

The time for action is now. Employers who embrace instant employment verification, through platforms such as Konfir, will be competitive in today's dynamic job market. By implementing instant employment verification, these businesses can provide job candidates with the streamlined experience they expect, while filling roles quickly and efficiently to meet customer demands. Don't let your business be left behind.