Instant Employment Verification for all UK Workers

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Instantly verify any UK and Ireland based worker

directly from available Payroll and Banking data

All types of workers

verify employees, contractors, or self-employed candidates

Send and receive verifications

and manage your team in the self-service Konsole

Transparent and always consumer consented

Certified, GDPR-compliant solution

UK based support team

with 99.9% service availability

Instantly verify candidate activities using our Konsole or API

Stop chasing emails, making phone calls, and dealing with various document formats. Eliminate the back and forth and gain control over your data flows.

Employment Verification

Confirm detailed work history including dates, employer name, and job title for potential hires

Previous Employment

Access details of previous positions including start date, end date, job title, and employer name

Gap in Employment

Leverage our data to validate what a potential hire was doing between positions

How it works

  • For Employers
  • For Background Checkers
  • For Payroll Companies
  • For Employees
  • Speed up time to hire new candidates
  • Secure and GDPR-compliant fulfilment
  • Use in house or via your outsourced screening provider
  • Send and receive in one place via customisable portal
  • Save time and reduce costs with instant verifications
  • Embed Konfir into your workflows via Konsole or API
  • Manage your team; invite users, control permission, assign work, and track performance
  • Instant access to verified employment data
  • Help accelerate the UK economy with instant verifications
  • Add to your client service offering and remove verification friction
  • Expand your employee self service capabilities with integration
  • Monetise existing data assets through transaction royalties
  • Our consent-driven process puts you in control of your data
  • No more waiting around for emails to be read and documents shared
  • Protect your data from theft and reuse
  • Single purpose sharing not connected to your credit score

Our network connects employers, verifiers, and candidates across the UK

We think the current way of requesting and responding to employment or income verifications is broken and

Join the network of organisations collaborating with Konfir to improve the process for everyone and speed
up the economy.

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Getting started - out of the box

  • Get started in minutes by registering in less than 3 minutes
  • Invite your team to collaborate with permission based controls
  • Easily send requests to candidates with data returned instantly

Secure by design

Empowering consumers

Workers hold the key to their personal data and control access. Nothing is ever shared without their consent. All access is one-time and single purpose

Secure architecture

Konfir's cloud-hosted platform is designed to the highest security standards. Key data is encrypted and users credentials are never stored

Regulatory compliance

We conduct ongoing data processing and security reviews. Konfir is a certified ASP under the UK DIATF, ISO 27001 certified, and 100% GDPR compliant

The team

Meet the team of entrepreneurs, technologists, and industry experts behind Konfir

Chris Milligan


Paolo Escobar

Head of Engineering

Steve O'Neil

Head of Growth

Tom McAuliffe

Head of Product

Marie K

Software Engineer

Lukas Kaiser

Operations Lead

Aaron Burpitt

Software Engineer

Hanna R


DJ Johnson

Senior Designer

Olivia Horton


Yurii H

Business Analyst

Marta Suarez


Miguel Isidoro

Software Engineer

Amanda A

Product Manager

Bohdan P

Software Engineer


Alison McDowell

Digital Trust

Alastair Treharne

Digital ID

Carol Buttle


Vicky Holdsworth


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