Horus Security Consultancy to power Employment Verification Capabilities with Konfir

By Tom McAuliffe

We are excited to announce that Horus Security Consultancy, a global leader in pre-employment screening, is set to leverage Konfir technology for employment verification.  Horus Security Consultancy is revered for offering a full spectrum of screening services, ranging from BS7858 screening to tailored DBS checks, BPSS screening, and more. Their services are trusted by high-profile organisations around the world to protect against potential internal and external threats. 

With Horus turning to Konfir’s instant verification, they’ll be able to conduct even more efficient and reliable employment verifications for their clients. This aligns with Konfir’s goal to help candidates progress seamlessly through onboarding processes for new roles.

Horus Security Consultancy is renowned for its specialist high-quality intelligence and security consultancy, guided by one of the sector’s most experienced senior leadership teams. The decision to leverage Konfir technology is a testament to our reliability and efficacy in the sector. 

Steve O’Neil, Konfir’s Head of Growth, added “we are proud to see our platform adopted by a top-tier security consultancy like Horus. As Horus leverages our technology, we remain committed to delivering high-standard, reliable, and instant employment verifications that meet the evolving needs of companies worldwide. We are thrilled to see the positive impacts our technology will make on Horus Security Consultancy’s operations and its clients.”

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to support businesses in their hiring and verification processes with our market-leading technology.

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