How do Reed Screening’s candidates engage with Konfir?

By Amanda Awange

Konfir is proud to serve a diverse range of Reed Screening’s clients and candidates across all age demographics and industries. Our employment verification service is trusted by workers from all corners of the economy, and we are seeing a willingness among candidates to adopt new ways of verifying their employment history.

Gone are the days of finding paper copies of employment documents or relying only on contacting previous employers, today’s candidates are tech-savvy and eager to embrace new technologies to streamline the employment screening process, which is where Konfir comes in. We use a combination of trusted data sources, including open banking and payroll information, to provide employment history. This process is quick and easy for candidates, taking less than 3 minutes on average.

Our conversion rates for each demographic group are below:

The overall conversion rate is 75%, which shows that Konfir works for everyone.

But it’s not just age that is diverse among our users, we also see consistent conversion across all industries. From retail and security to professional services and financial services, Konfir has been used to verify the employment history of workers from all sectors of the UK economy.

We’ve improved these conversion rates over time by focusing on the needs of the candidate. For example, we’ve conducted dozens of user interviews and determined which messaging and UI minimises candidate effort. We’ve also made sure to highlight the safety of the open banking process, which benefits from bank-grade security and is underpinned by legislation. It’s not just what you send, but how you send it too; we’ve tailored our emails and SMS to go out at the times of day on which candidates are most responsive. 

At Konfir, we are committed to providing reliable and trustworthy employment verification services to Reed Screening’s employer clients, regardless of who they are, or what they do. We are proud to be collaborating with Reed Screening and are constantly working to improve our services and meet their needs.

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