How we work as a global team

By Chris Milligan

True to our London base, we’ve always been a diverse team at Konfir. Over the past year, we’ve worked from all corners of the globe, sometimes for the odd day as part of a layover, and sometimes for a month while learning to surf. We don’t think remote-enabled work is going anywhere, so we’ve laid out some of our keys to success below. 

Output over hours

Our main aim is to deliver top-quality results for our clients. That is measurable in a number of ways, of which hours aren’t necessarily one. Through clear goal-setting, and regular reviews we deliver results without being constricted to a particular schedule. We set OKRs quarterly, review them company-wide on a monthly basis, and discuss them within our teams on a weekly basis. With metrics and tracking in place across all our platforms, it becomes much easier to determine where something needs a little TLC to prevent it from falling behind. 

Master the async

Our team members have the freedom to do their deep work when it is most convenient for them, which translates to more efficient output for every hour put in. Although we have ~1 hour per day committed to teamwide calls, the rest of the time is flexible, with adjustments made for personal schedules and commitments. We believe working asynchronously allows our team to achieve the best work-life integration, while delivering the best results for our clients. 

Tools, tools, tools….

We use a variety of tools and technologies to stay connected and collaborate in real-time, including video conferencing, project management platforms, and chat tools. Being G-suite based allows seamless transition of information and documents across different functions. Trello and Jira are central to managing both Project and Technical work, respectively. And Slack is the glue that ties it all together, with each team member sending on average over 30 messages per day. 

One of the benefits of working as a global team is that we have access to a diverse range of perspectives and experiences. This diversity allows us to approach projects and challenges from different angles and come up with creative solutions. We believe that remote work is here to stay, and although London will always be our home and hub, we encourage our team to get out and see the world.  We’re proud to be a team that delivers results from all corners of the globe, and we’re excited to see what the future holds for us.

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