Konfir joins the Coalition for Online Data Empowerment (CODE)

By Tom McAuliffe

Konfir helps people in the UK seamlessly progress through life’s key events by providing instant access to their income and employment data. As the only UK Government-certified provider of verified income and employment data, Konfir is focused on protecting consumers by ensuring transparent, legal, and secure access to their employment and income records.

CODE represents a network of innovative organisations focused on reshaping how personal data is managed; advocating for access, storage, control, consent management, and sharing in its value. This mission is crucial as it seeks to shift the balance of power from global entities to individuals, advocating for policies that promote equitable digital markets and empower consumers.

As a member of CODE, Konfir will collaborate on projects that enhance users’ ability to control their personal data across various platforms. This includes working with big tech to develop real-time data transfer tools and supporting the implementation of UK Smart Data schemes beyond Open Banking through legislative measures like the DPDI bill.

Furthermore, Konfir will contribute to the Data Transfer Initiative, focusing on creating a trustworthy framework for accessing data portability APIs with new data sets, importantly with the involvement of all relevant data controllers. This effort aims to establish robust standards ensuring secure and user-focused data exchanges.

By joining CODE, Konfir is taking another important step towards empowering individuals with better control over their employment and income data, enhancing user experience, and ensuring that personal data serves the interests of the individuals to whom it belongs.

For more information, reach out to your contact at Konfir, or learn more at 

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