Konfir’s New Automated Platform Reinvents Employment Screening

By Amanda Awange

Introducing the Konfir “Employment Timeline”: Streamlining, Automating, and Revolutionizing Employment Verification

Konfir, a B2B SaaS platform providing in Employment and Gap in Employment verifications, today announced a significant upgrade, the Employment Timeline. This latest advancement continues to decrease turnaround times and operational effort by providing clients with a candidate’s true employment history, based on data from connected authoritative data sources, rather than only verifying data declared by the candidate. 


After scaling instant employment verification across the UK’s employment screening industry for the last year, which already results in 70% less operational effort than traditional methods, Konfir is now set to revolutionise the industry even further.

Learning from a substantial volume of processed data from sources including Open Banking, Payroll, and more, Konfir is introducing the “Employment Timeline”. This feature returns precise employer names along with start and end dates, paving the way for complete and instant automation of the screening process for identified employments.

Gaining Early Access to the Timeline View

Under the hood, Konfir’s proprietary “Employer Identification” algorithms effectively power a “payer verification”; replacing groups of candidate credit transactions sourced from a candidate’s bank account with a validated Employer Name.

From day one, Konfir will already return up to 40% of a candidate’s employments via the Employment Timeline, a figure that is expected to rapidly increase as Konfir continues to invest in its machine learning capabilities.

The Timeline View will be available on an early access basis for our current clients, while the existing Activity View remains accessible. If you’re new to Konfir, now is the perfect time to revolutionise your employment history verification process. Get in touch or sign up to find out how you can get access to the Employment Timeline

Empowering Automation with the Timeline View

This significant step forward enables clients to start fully automating verification of employments for candidates where there is a match, making the process faster, more efficient, and more reliable than ever before. 

“HR and vetting teams now expect a fast, complete, and unbiased verification of a candidate’s employment history,” said Tom McAuliffe, Head of Product at Konfir. “Traditional screening methods, and relying solely on candidates’ declared information, have made achieving this goal operationally cumbersome. The Employment Timeline flips this standard on its head; using data from authoritative sources as the baseline, rather than declared data

Over the coming months, Konfir plans to add additional data sources and employment gaps to the timeline, continuously increasing the number of records available on the Employment Timeline without sacrificing accuracy.

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