Procius Partners with Konfir to Accelerate Employment Verification and Background Checks

By Tom McAuliffe

We are delighted to announce that Procius, a leading background screening company in the UK, has joined forces with Konfir to expedite its employment verification and referencing process. This partnership aims to provide clients with a seamless and efficient screening experience across various sectors, many of which have been under pressure in recent times to screen and onboard staff more quickly.

Procius is renowned for its expert screening services that protect businesses from potential risks such as fraud, theft, and brand damage. By collaborating with Konfir, Procius can now leverage state-of-the-art technology to access secure, real-time employment data, allowing them to complete background checks and verifications more swiftly.

With Konfir’s support, Procius is well-positioned to offer their clients:

  • Accelerated employment and gap in employment checks: Streamlined background checks backed by accurate, up-to-date employment data.
  • Enhanced candidate experience: Full visibility and transparency of the process through Procius’s industry-leading technology platform, MyCheck™.
  • A team of dedicated experts: Procius’s passionate professionals will work alongside Konfir’s verification specialists to provide trusted advice and support for clients and candidates.

This collaboration between Procius and Konfir marks a significant milestone in the background screening industry. As businesses continue to prioritise efficiency and security, the combination of Procius’s expertise and Konfir’s cutting-edge technology will reshape the future of employment verification and background checks.

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