Referoo has teamed Up with Konfir to Optimise Employment Verification and Streamline Reference Checks

By Tom McAuliffe

We are delighted to announce that Referoo, a global leader in online reference-checking solutions, is set to leverage Konfir’s employment verification technology for its UK clients. Known for their customisable, secure, and efficient reference-checking services, Referoo is trusted by businesses worldwide to streamline their hiring processes. 

By integrating Konfir’s API, Referoo will be able to offer even more efficient and reliable employment verifications to its clients without a separate workflow. This aligns with Konfir’s mission to help candidates and employers navigate the onboarding process with ease and accuracy. 

This partnership will enable businesses using Referoo to benefit from a comprehensive, one-stop solution for all their employment verification needs. From reference checks to employment and gap-in-employment verifications, the integration of Konfir’s technology into Referoo’s platform will make the hiring process more streamlined, secure, and reliable than ever before. 

This collaboration is also a significant advancement for the HR and recruitment industry. It combines the strengths of two leaders in their respective fields, setting a new standard for what businesses can expect in employment verification and reference checking.

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