January Product Update: Employment Timeline

The updated version of Konfir's Employment Timeline significantly enhances employment history checks. By combining multiple data sources, including Open Banking, Payroll systems, tax data, plus more in the future, the Employment Timeline provides a comprehensive view of an individual's employment history. This multi-source approach provides 100% UK coverage, provides source-specific insights, and ensures a more accurate and reliable verification process.

Compare Declared & Verified Data

Our platform now allows users to compare the verified data side by side with declared employment information, meaning you can quickly identify discrepancies and red flags. This comparison is enhanced by our employer unification technology, which merges data from multiple sources to a single employer record, providing a clearer employment timeline and removing duplicates.

Verified Identity Attributes

In addition to employment data, users can now view verified identity attributes, such as National Insurance Number & Name. This feature adds an extra layer of verification, ensuring that the employment data is linked to the correct individual.

Powering the Timeline: Konfir Decision Engine

Data sourced from Open Banking is now organised in a more coherent and understandable format, making it easier to analyse and interpret while minimising the amount of raw transaction data shared so that Konsole users can quickly understand full employment history

To do this, we have introduced our Verification Decision Engine; a suite of machine-learning powered tools that significantly increases the precision and recall of our employment checks using banking data. This technology allows us to do the heavy lifting for you by linking banking transactions to the real-world organisation that paid the individual.

The Future: Expanding Verification Capabilities

Verified Gaps in Employment

Looking ahead, Konfir is planning to introduce a range of verified insights for periods when candidates were not working. We’ll be releasing over 10 insight types, allowing organisations to verify the personal circumstances of candidates with ease.

Undeclared Employments

Another future enhancement is the ability to detect undeclared employments. This will be crucial in providing a more complete and honest view of an individual's employment history upfront, rather than waiting until the end of the screening process.


To keep users informed and proactive, our system will incorporate alerts for significant differences in verified and declared data, ensuring that risks are easily identified.