Make Konfir a seamless part of your service through UX customisation

We’re an extension of your team, now our candidate journey is too. 

Konfir is continually working on ways to empower our clients and enhance their candidates' experience. That's why we're thrilled to announce a major update - the ability to customise the candidate journey.

Our new customisation features allow clients to incorporate their logo, colours, fonts, and text on the first page. This means the Konfir journey now feels even more like a part of the client journey for candidates who need to verify their employment.

Why customise?

A study carried out by Infosys revealed that 86% of consumers say personalisation has some impact on their purchasing decisions. Translating this statistic into the Konfir experience, this means that customisation has the potential to significantly enhance user satisfaction and conversion rates. Conversely, a lack of visual consistency can lead to drop-off and potentially reduce trust. 

1. Brand Integration: Incorporate your organisation’s logo, colours, and fonts, aligning the Konfir experience with the uniqueness of your brand identity.

2. Personalised Messaging: Customise the text on the first page to communicate in a way that's consistent with your brand’s voice.

3. UX Consistency:  A more personalised and visually consistent interface can not only improve the user experience, but also act as a catalyst in driving higher candidate satisfaction and conversion rates.

4. Greater Control: You have power over all of the customisation tools available, including how it feels, wording, the elements that are customised, and the ones that remain in Konfir branding.

Getting started with customisation

Our customisation feature is available to all organisations using Konfir, regardless of whether you’re using Konfir out of the box, integrated with our API, or have a custom set-up.  

To get started, simply reach out to your contact at Konfir or email us for more information. 

What can be customised?

You’ll be able to customise any or all of the sections from the list below. Where you’d prefer not to customise, we’ll use the default Konfir branding.

  1. Company logo: your logo will be visible through all pages, and in the email invite if you’re using Konfir out of the box
  2. Landing page header
  3. Landing page description
  4. Font: choose from the wide variety of available fonts
  5. Button and font colours
    • Primary colour for all buttons and icons
    • Primary text colour for all buttons
    • Secondary text colour for all buttons