Secure Screening Services: Mastering fast BPSS checks

In the world of employment screening and personnel security, time is often of the essence. Ensuring the trustworthiness and suitability of individuals for sensitive roles is crucial, but lengthy verification processes can lead to delays in hiring and operational inefficiencies. This is where Secure Screening Services, in partnership with Konfir, is making a significant impact, offering the fastest BPSS (Baseline Personnel Security Standard) checks in the country.

Secure Screening Services is a leading provider of BPSS checks in the United Kingdom. They understand the importance of quick and accurate background checks, and their partnership with Konfir has been instrumental in achieving this goal. In this article, we spotlight how Secure Screening Services is revolutionising BPSS checks and how Konfir's technology is at the heart of this transformation.

With this technology, we can confirm information in minutes rather than days, and we'll be able to provide a turnaround for BPSS checks in one day.

Martin Price, COO Secure Screening Services

Embracing technology: Digital Identity

One of the key factors that set Secure Screening Services apart in the world of BPSS checks is their commitment to embracing cutting-edge technology. Digital ID integration is at the forefront of their strategy. This integration includes advanced features including Right To Work checks, liveness tests and passport checks, ensuring both speed and accuracy in the verification process.

With Digital ID integration, Secure Screening Services can confirm information within minutes, rather than days. This not only expedites the hiring process but also provides a higher level of security and confidence in the results.

Streamlining DBS Checks

Another critical aspect of personnel security checks is the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks. Secure Screening Services has found innovative ways to streamline this process, reducing the time it takes to receive DBS check results.

Spotlight: Instant Employment Verification

The most significant part of Secure Screening Services's BPSS checks is their Work History checks via Instant Employment Verification. These checks delve into an individual's employment history over the last 3 years; a crucial aspect of determining their suitability for sensitive roles. Secure Screening Services uses a combination of data sources and methods, including Open Banking, Payroll data, HMRC data, document uploads, directorship checks, and manual references as a last resort.

Konfir provides the tools that enable Secure Screening Services to gather and process this wealth of information efficiently. The result? A comprehensive work history check that is both thorough and rapid.

Clients of Secure Screening Services have experienced remarkable efficiency gains. Turnaround times for BPSS checks have been reduced from days to just one day, enabling organisations to hire, screen, and onboard candidates with unmatched speed.

For those who want to dive deeper into the world of BPSS checks and understand the intricacies of the process, we invite you to explore our BPSS whitepaper. This comprehensive resource provides valuable insights into the benefits of BPSS checks and how Secure Screening Services, with the support of Konfir, is leading the way in the industry.

Read our BPSS Whitepaper

Wrapping up

Secure Screening Services is at the forefront of revolutionising BPSS checks in the UK. Through Digital ID integration, streamlined DBS checks, and innovative Work History checks, they have achieved unparalleled speed and accuracy in personnel security verification. This not only reduces operational overhead and manual processes but also mitigates the risk of reference fraud and enables organisations to win new business.