By Tom McAuliffe

We’ve got some exciting news to share; Konfir is officially ISO 27001 certified! This is more than just a tick in the box for us; it’s another example of our commitment to data security and integrity as well as a nod to the hard work of our team.

What’s ISO 27001, anyway?

ISO 27001 is an internationally recognized standard that sets out the requirements for an organisation’s information security management system (ISMS).

It establishes, implements, and maintains a robust approach to managing information security and provides specific measures for the protection of important data, such as financial information, intellectual property, and personal data of employees, clients, and our users.

Being ISO 27001 certified means we’ve been independently verified to have best-in-class security measures. This certification ensures our adherence to a comprehensive set of standards governing data security and confidentiality, legal compliance, and operational reliability.

Our Journey to ISO 27001 Certification

Achieving ISO 27001 certification took a lot of effort, commitment, and involvement from each member of the Konfir team. We were put through our paces by an independent, third-party audit firm, who took a deep dive into our ISMS. And guess what? We came out with flying colours!

The process of achieving ISO 27001 certification involved rigorous evaluation that scrutinized every facet of our ISMS, platform, and technical architecture. The successful certification is a testament to the dedication and commitment of the Konfir team, who continuously strive to uphold the highest standards of data security.

What does this mean for our clients and candidates?

For our clients, this certification is a seal of trust. It’s an assurance that when it comes to handling their sensitive data, we mean business. We follow stringent security management protocols to keep their data secure and confidential, covering all the bases for legal, statutory, regulatory, and contractual requirements.

For our candidates, this certification means peace of mind. We know they entrust us with their personal data, and we take that responsibility very seriously. Their information is in safe hands, protected by world-class security controls.

Commitment to Continuous Improvement

While we are proud of achieving ISO 27001 certification, we understand that maintaining a high level of information security is a continuous process. We are dedicated to staying abreast of the latest security trends and best practices, and we are committed to the ongoing improvement of our ISMS.

Final thoughts

Konfir’s mission is to empower individuals to securely access, control, and share their employment data to help them progress through life’s more cumbersome events. Achieving ISO 27001 certification is a significant step towards fulfilling that goal. It underscores our unwavering commitment to providing a secure environment for our clients and candidates, and to maintaining our high standards of security.

This milestone isn’t just about us, it’s about you – our clients and candidates. Your trust in us fuels our drive to improve, and we promise to strive for excellence. Thank you for being part of our journey. 

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