What is an 'activity'?

By Tom McAuliffe

Through our research, we have identified 5 ‘activity’ types relating to an individual’s work history that typically requires verification by our customers. An ‘activity’ is simply something that the individual was doing over a period of time. We currently solve for the most common 3 of these activity types – Current employment, historical employment, and gaps in employment. The final 2 activity types are education & self-employment, which make up a minority of requests and for the most part, are solvable through other means.

As a rule of thumb, we see on average 1 activity for every 1 year of work history.

When is an activity chargeable?
We enable our users to verify a candidate’s activity by connecting to one or more of the candidate’s data sources, we call this a ‘Connected Activity’. The data sources we connect to using the candidate’s consent may include banking, HR or payroll systems. Where data is returned from the data source to enable our customer to verify the activity, we charge a ‘Connected Activity’ transaction fee. If we connect to multiple sources for a single activity, we still only charge for one Connected Activity.

What activities does Konfir cover?

In the infographic below, you can see the distribution of activities across the UK on the left. Konfir currently covers 85% of these activities, in the forms of historical employment, current employment, and gaps in employment.

Current & Historical Employments

We use both Payroll and/or Open Banking integrations to return data such as the candidate’s Employer Name, start and end dates, and job title. 

Gaps in Employment

We use Open Banking integration to return income data, spending information, and additional insights to ensure you can confirm what the candidate was doing in the period of unemployment, or even to check that there was no undeclared unemployment in this period. 

Candidate engagement

When Konfir receives a request for a candidate, we send an SMS to the candidate inviting them to follow a unique, one-time use URL where they can provide consent to access their data. 

About the process

Konfir has built a proprietary, consent-based, employment verification platform that allows individuals to instantly share their data with their prospective employer (or whomever they have outsourced screening to). We do this by integrating both into screening companies that need access to data, and into Payroll, HR, and banks where this data has historically been siloed. 

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