Whitepaper: Aligning Konfir with BS7858

By Tom McAuliffe

The British Standards Institution’s BS7858:2019 is a critical benchmark for security screening in the UK. This standard, integral for ensuring the integrity of personnel in sensitive and secure environments, has long needed a modern, efficient approach to meet its comprehensive criteria. That’s where Konfir steps in.

We’re excited to announce the release of our latest whitepaper, which delves into how Konfir’s cutting-edge Instant Employment Verification platform aligns with and enhances the BS7858:2019 standards.

The Konfir Way

BS7858:2019 sets a high bar for employment verification, demanding a thorough check of employment history, gaps, and more. Konfir addresses these requirements head-on, offering streamlined data collection and verification processes, significantly reducing the administrative burden and time involved.

By leveraging data from diverse sources, including Open Banking, Payroll, and HMRC records, Konfir simplifies the BS7858 screening process; ensuring accuracy and speed.

Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Candidate Empowerment: Candidates initiate the process through a secure link, maintaining control and privacy over their data.
  2. Permission-Based Data Access: Consent is at the heart of Konfir’s process, with candidates authorising data access for a transparent exchange.
  3. Tailored Data Collection: Data is meticulously collated, personalised, and presented to meet the specific needs of verifiers.
  4. Instant Data Sharing: With Konfir, the time-consuming wait for employer responses is history. Verification data is shared instantly, boosting efficiency.

Real-World Impact: The Mitie Case Study

Mitie, a leading UK security provider, experienced a transformative impact after integrating Konfir into its screening processes. The result? Industry-leading turnaround times for compliant BS7858 screening; where verifications are returned in minutes and hours not days and weeks.

“We chose to go with Konfir because it was the first solution we saw that actually worked for BS7858:2019. Not only is the quality of the data provided outstanding, but the reporting structures offered also are straightforward” said Dave Fussey, Recruitment and Vetting Manager at Mitie.

Dive Deeper: Read the White Paper

This blog post only scratches the surface of what Konfir can do to streamline and secure your BS7858 compliance process. Our whitepaper offers an in-depth exploration of Konfir’s role in aligning with BS7858:2019, showcasing how we are pioneering a new era in employment verification.

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