Product Launch: Instant Gap in Employment Verification

By Tom McAuliffe

Konfir is proud to announce the launch of Instant Gap in Employment Verification, our latest check type. After pioneering Instant Employment Verification in the UK, we’ve seen the industry adapt and embrace the technology advances. Working with clients, partners and candidates, we realised Employment Verification is only part of the story. Now, Konfir will instantly verify what candidates were doing in between roles, evidencing alternative income and a range of other insights to support our clients.

Understanding the Need for Change

Traditional employment gap checks have long been a bottleneck in the hiring process. Particularly when screening to standards such as BPSS or BS7858, employers typically require candidates to provide documentation evidencing either what they were doing or how they were financially supporting themselves during periods of unemployment. This process is cumbersome for employers and candidates, susceptible to fraud, requires candidates to overshare sensitive data, and sometimes requires uncomfortable conversations about personal circumstances. Moreover, the manual review of such documents can introduce bias, affecting fair hiring practices.

Instant Gap in Employment Verification: A Seamless, Secure Solution

Instant Gap in Employment Verification leverages built-in Open Banking technology to offer a direct-from-source, tamper-proof, and unbiased insight into candidates’ unemployment periods. By automating this process, Konfir removes the operational burden from employers and preserves candidates’ privacy by ensuring that personal transactions remain private whenever possible while providing comprehensive employment insights. Here’s a few reasons we’re excited about this launch:

Immediate availability: Instant Gap in Employment Verification is available via our API or Konsole with minimal set-up required

Bias-Free Insights: 60+ unique pieces of evidence are automatically identified without the need for employers to review personal transactions, removing interpretation bias.

Comprehensive insight coverage: Identifies 12 of the most frequent unique insights found during unemployment, from job seeking and education to maternity leave and temporary work disruptions, backed by direct evidence such as job seekers’ allowances, student loans, and other non-employment income sources

Operational Efficiency and Fair Hiring

Instant Gap in Employment Verification significantly reduces the time and effort involved in gap checks. By delivering insights instantly, this product allows employers to make faster and more informed decisions, enhancing the overall efficiency of the hiring process and reducing time to screen. By automating and standardising these checks, using Konfir means ensuring a fairer and more equitable assessment of candidates.

Looking Ahead

With the launch of Instant Gap in Employment Verification, Konfir continues to lead innovation in the employment & income verification industry. We are committed to providing employment verification solutions that meet the practical needs of modern organisations while adhering to compliance, security, and ethical best practices.

For more information on how Instant Gap in Employment Verification and Alternative Income data can benefit your organisation and your clients, or to request a demo, visit our website or reach out to us on

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